Inaugural Blog-The Central Valley in 5

Real Estate Guest Author February 27, 2023

The Central Valley in 5

Our inaugural blog celebrates the rich history of the Central Valley, spotlighting some interesting aspects that make our valley unique! 

Covering approximately 18,000 square miles, the Central Valley extends from Shasta County in the north to Kern County in the south.

The Central Valley is the heart of California’s agricultural production.

The Valley’s unique geologic history led to its agricultural productivity and horticulture. Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada to the east and the Coast Ranges to the west, it is California's most fruitful agricultural region producing more than half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States. In fact, more than 250 crops are grown here making the valley a diverse, agricultural hub.

Sun shines for 300 days of the year!

Although it may not have seemed like it this past December/January when atmospheric rivers brought California record rain fall, the sun actually shines 300 days of the year in the Central Valley. Not only does the valley weather foster the prolific production of all those crops, but it also makes the Central Valley a perfect place to visit. 

Wine Country

The Central Valley is the largest wine-grape growing region in California, producing three-fourths of California’s grape varieties. While not as renowned as the Napa Valley, the Central Valley is no stranger to producing quality wines with its acres of vineland and its diversity of grape varieties.

Home to one of the oldest rodeos in America

Clovis, CA is home to the Clovis Rodeo, a 5-day event packed with a parade, roping, PBR bull riding, and live concerts. Celebrating its centennial in 2014, the Clovis Rodeo is the second one in California to reach this milestone. The 109th Clovis Rodeo will be held April 26-30, 2023!

Valley Diversity

Tied closely with the diversity of its agriculture, the Central Valley boasts a diverse populous as well. Home to over six million people, the center of California is culturally expansive with more than 70 ethnicities and 105 languages represented. English is the most spoken language followed closely by Spanish, and then Tagalog. 

The Central Valley is rich in agriculture and tradition. Learn more about the uniqueness of the Central Valley and all it offers!

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