Welcome to Miramar

Where the ocean meets community charm.
Welcome to Miramar, a breathtaking neighborhood along the picturesque coastline of Half Moon Bay, California. Here, the ocean's whisper is a constant backdrop to a lifestyle that many dream of but few get to experience. This walkable enclave boasts a unique combination of natural beauty, friendly neighbors, and access to outdoor activities that make every day feel like a vacation. Whether you're strolling along the sandy shores or greeting familiar faces on your morning jog, Miramar offers a tranquil yet vibrant setting that immediately feels like home.
Miramar’s charm is not just in its stunning views and serene lifestyle but also in its close-knit community. Young families and surf enthusiasts alike have come together to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone knows your name and a helping hand is never far away. It's a place where the spirit of camaraderie is palpable, and the ocean's tide seems to sync with the rhythm of daily life, creating a unique blend of relaxation and adventure.

What to Love

  • Walking distance to the ocean ensures the beach is your backyard, offering endless sunsets and saltwater adventures.
  • Close-knit young families create a vibrant, supportive community ideal for those looking to raise children in a nurturing environment.
  • Surfer and dog beach proximity caters to the adventurous and pet lovers, making every day an opportunity for new explorations.

Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Miramar is characterized by its laid-back elegance and a strong sense of community. Here, life moves at the pace of the waves, with residents often starting their days with a surf session or a peaceful walk along the beach. The neighborhood thrives on outdoor living, whether it's backyard barbecues with neighbors or a spontaneous gathering at the beach.
Young families find a supportive network, sharing in the joys and challenges of parenting. At the same time, the community’s affinity for pets and surfing creates a unique cultural tapestry that is both diverse and inclusive. In Miramar, the blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and active living crafts a lifestyle that is as fulfilling as it is fun.

Dining and Shopping

Dining in Miramar is a delightful journey through local flavors and fresh seafood, thanks to gems like the Ketch & Harbor Bar and Fishmarket, where the day’s catch is always on the menu. These spots are not just restaurants but social hubs where locals gather to catch up over gourmet dishes that celebrate the ocean’s bounty. Jettywave Distillery adds a spirited touch to the neighborhood, offering handcrafted spirits that reflect the adventurous spirit of Miramar.
Shopping in Miramar, though not extensive, is characterized by its quality and charm. With a focus on supporting local artisans and producers, the shopping experience here is intimate, offering everything from handmade crafts to surf gear tailored to the beach lifestyle. The neighborhood's walkability means that these treasures are just a stroll away, inviting residents to explore the offerings at their leisure and always find something unique.

Things to Do and Entertainment

Local entertainment is as much about embracing the natural surroundings as it is about community events. The Mavericks surf contest draws spectators and surf enthusiasts from around the globe, showcasing the awe-inspiring talent and the powerful waves that make this spot legendary. Meanwhile, the annual Pumpkin Festival offers a family-friendly fall celebration featuring local produce, crafts, and activities that bring the community together in festive spirit.
Beyond events, the neighborhood's beaches, such as Miramar, Roosevelt, and Surfers Beach, provide endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation. From surfing and paddleboarding to simply soaking in the sun, these beaches are the heart of Miramar's outdoor lifestyle. Whether you're looking for excitement or tranquility, Miramar’s blend of natural beauty and community activities ensures there’s always something to enjoy.


Education in Miramar is served by institutions like Sea Crest, a notable school that reflects the community's commitment to quality education and holistic development. With a focus on nurturing young minds to become thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged citizens, Sea Crest embodies the values that make Miramar a special place to raise a family. The school’s innovative programs and supportive environment ensure that children not only excel academically but also grow in character and creativity.

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